a few snaps of our garden

Our roses are still blooming

Our Lavendar is plentiful

Chata is slowly moving outdoors. She is one of four indoor cats that we own. She has been fighting with the boys and not using her kitty litter. The last straw was when she peed on his computer screen. We caught her within minutes of the act. To punish her we put a collar on her with a bell and bought her a bed to sleep on outside. We said "we'll do it tomorrow" ... well that turned into a week and she still is inside. We let her out for excursions and it has fixed the peeing problem. A cat who needs excursions and collar jewelry. Go figure.

The Birthday..

October 13, 2007
M turns 30
We went to our favorite outdoor swap meet and found this "Puebla" style calavera. We were hoping to find a stop light that we saw last week. It was gone. I was disappointed. So we bought churros to eat and coco's to drink. As we went up and down the isles we came across a little booth with ceramics. This was sitting there. It was perfect. Our Friend is an artist and we knew he would appreciate this.

I packaged it and wrapped it up.

It was a Dia de Los Muertos themed party.

He painted the table cloths with these wnderful colorful skulls.

My husband played with his friend in their band Mah-cheen. They played all night. It was nice just to sit and listen to them play and sing.

My drinks of choice that night.
(husband = middle one)

Oh, and they had a 6 foot burrito... yummy.

What I found...

... on Microsoft.com/clipart

How things change through the years.