I decided to change up my alter a little. I incorporated the frame. I stapled blue fabric to it as a backing. While I type this my bread is rising. I'm making Pan Muerto from scratch. We are going to decorate some skull tonight.

What's left?

  • The pan
  • The Calaveras
  • Some candels
  • Pictures for the frames

So .... um... this was yestday and today

~I keep blogging between projects~
This was definitely a "me and my husband" weekend. The only plans we made were to spend time at home, with each other and on things we don't usually have time for. So my husband decided to make clabasa. It take a day to set. He started the process yesterday and at this moment they are still "sitting". They will be ready to eat tonight. He purchased a 8lb. pumpkin and had at it.

8lb. pumpkin

Boiled for 15-20 minutes

After 1 cup of Brown sugar

and "8 hours of sitting in syrup and they are currently in the "10 hours of sitting un disturbed" phase.




I wanted to used this frame for my Dia de Los Muertos Alter. On my "day off" we went and purchased spray paint for it. It was a piece my grandfather picked up and left here. I have been holding on to it for more then 10 years. I finally put it to use.

Trapped on our Island

To start...
This pole was damaged months ago by a "asleep" at the wheel driver. SCE (electric company) came in and replaced the pole (in front of my neighbors yard), but left the old pole because the cable company has their wires on in. Well if you didn't hear on the news, southern Cali is being hit hard with high winds. They came in last night. We prepared for it. Securing patio furniture, putting the bunny in the garden shed, removing outdoor paper lanterns and anything else that might fly. I did an extra watering of plants and trees so they would not dry out as much and sealed our back kitchen windows for dust. Well we went out to survey the damage and our other neighbor informed us that the street was closed because the pole was about to give. The wind had pushed it and was hanging on by two wires attached to our neighbors house. As of now... it is one wire, as taught as can be, holding the pole up. I do live in the city. We have two major we one major street to the west, one to the south, north and west. We just are a strip of homes with acres and that makes us rural. Go figure. I went to the market, had to drive past the police barracade and as I parked I noticed that lights were out. The store is no more then 5 minutes away. Their grid lost power. They were open so I walked in. I shopped in the dark with bag boys assisting me with flash lights. I laughed to myself. My Husband would love this. After all his blog is about our "3rd world house".