The Alter

I decided to try out this video feature on blogger. So I used my alter as my first vid.

I sit here, with my window open listening to La Sonora PonceƱa and Pio Levia on Pandora while sipping on coffee sweetened with Azucar brand sugar. It just rained. The ground is moist the clouds are real, not packs of smoke filled pillows masquerading around as clouds. It only rained for half an hour, but that was the best half hour. Everything seems to have been showered down. I was kidding around with my mom and said that our cars have been washed clean... with acid rain. My husband and I did some yard work in the back and I finished my bottle cap shelf. I'm about to make some more Pan Muerto and Sugar Skulls for a Skull Decorating party. It's our second annual. I have enjoyed this weekend. On Wednesday our company informed us that we were going to close down for two days due the the fires. Many our our "heads" live near the burn area and were going to be out anyways. In addition the air quality was horrendous. I went out to lunch with my mom on Thursday. She teaches first grade and had the day off due to schools closing down. I filled my time with with crafts, spending time with my husband and with prepping for Dia de los Muertos.

The skies were like this all week. Today was the first day it looked "normal", however the smell of the first rain mixed with ash and burn are not the most pleasant.
I was given this self by my grandmother. She said to take it, paint it and then bring her over to see it. She is totally into trash to treasure.

I repainted it with paint left over from summer when I painted the ceiling and one wall in the living room. It's a faint blue.

We have been collecting bottle caps for the past year. I purchased some resin and printed out my favorite prints from the Internet. I mixed, poured and sealed the caps. Some came out better then others. I think next time I will print out on photo paper so that the background will stay rather then wash out. Here is the final product.
With salt and pepper shakers.

I made royal icing for the skulls. A practice run before the party. In addition I was able to do the skulls for my alter before the party.

My husband's abstract skulls

Great Grandma, Grandpa, Tio, Step Grandpa and Esparanza.

It's almost done. All I need to do is add the photos, coffee and food.

Oh and we need to bless it with White sage.