It's done...

I put coffee in the cup, blessed it with white sage and added the last small pieces.

It saddens me that this holiday has gone so commercial. I've been doing this for years and yesterday I got the breath taken from me in a not so breath taking way. I was in Stator Bros' and there on a plant display was advertised "Dia De los Muertos" potted Ivy for $9.99.

Dia de los Muertos

We went to an art reception at a local community college. M is an alum from there and was invited to show his work and put it on display. It was a small venue, however the color, forms and displays were beautiful.

Skull decorating party

October 28th
Here are a few images from our skull decorating get together. Everyone let their creative jucies flow. My brother just got back from Seattle on Friday and was taking off on Monday to NY.
They almost look like Styrofoam. Instead your looking at 15 pounds of sugar

Here are a few that I did and the one with the lips... my moms.

One that my father created

and this one, M did.