Mom's Birthday Party

Mom decided a few weeks ago that she wanted to have a birthday party. So the place was her home, the time 5:00 pm last night. The Menu.... Ara's Enchiladas, My husbands beans and salsa, the cooks potato salad, arroz and salad.
Since the weather was chilly my mother and father placed all the tables indoors. My mother and I went off to Micheal's to pick up stuff for the table settings. She wanted to use all of her candelabras that were around the house. So with that as our inspiration. We set out on our shopping journey (Friday!!! the night before). We get to Micheal's... and low and behold, there was no "fall" anything. It's all Christmas.'s still the first 10 days of November.
So I picked up 12x12 paper for base of the center pieces, some gold and white pearl sprigs and ribbon. As the thank you gift we purchased little magnet frames and placed the family names in them. We used them as decor and gifts and not as seating assignments.
Overall the music of the band, the food and the company were wonderful.