10 years

Last Saturday (the Saturday before Thanksgiving) was the anniversary our first date. We don't remember the exact date, however it was before Thanksgiving. We had dinner and went antiquing in downtown Riverside. Our purchase goal was to find something for another little alter for a Santo. We decided to make one for San Martin de Porres. We set out to purchase an tin and glass alter, however we opted not to. We ran across this little mirror and felt that it would be perfect. We have an existing sconce and decided to pair the two. We still have to add a few items.

On the menu

Turkey - Roasted in a roster

First the turkey will Brine in a mixture of ...
1. Apple Juice
2. Brown Sugar
3. Cloves
4. An orange peel
5. Sage
6. Peppercorns
7. Kosher Salt
8. Thyme

Mash Potatoes
1. Red Potatoes
2. Butter
4. Fresh pepper

1. Stuffing (herb and cornbread)
2. Apricots
3. Roasted Pecans
4. Green Apples
5. Red Onions

Green Beans
1. Fresh Green Beans
2. Bacon
3. Tarragon Vinegar
4. Pecans

Roasted Pecans for the Green Beans and Stuffing
Kosher Salt

Fresh Corn on the Cob
Pecan and Pumpkin Pie
Whip Cream

I created these with 12x12 paper and markers. I decided to make my own scrapbooking paper for this years thanks giving photos. I was inspired by "youtube" (Project Runway /PR Canada and ANTM. I watch them on my comp. while I scrapbook, work on "work" or in this case color.


"Pictures of Real Chicanas"

I'm at home, the day before Thanksgiving and I log on to check out my blog. I check out the visitors count and see if any one left comments. I look at the "referrers" list and see that someone found me through a Google search. I click on the link and see that they typed in "Pictures of Real Chicanas" and then click on my blog.

That got me thinking. What does a real Chicana look like. Do they all look like me or so I look like them? I look different now (clothing, hair, etc) than my college days. Generational Chicanas look different then each other. My family has been here 5 generations, so I look a little different (culturally) then a first generation Chicana. But then again is there a difference? We are all what we claim. What a term. Something that unifies and divides. I know my counterparts from the Cochella Valley always thought I was "Cheerleader Chicana". I thought they were "I just found out I was Chicana". We were great friends, just different cultural (Traditional and Pop) ideologies. One example, them.... I'm too busy to cook. I don't want to be stuck in a kitchen. I don't know how to cook traditional dishes. They did not want to fall into the role of the Latina in the kitchen. Me.... How the hell are you going to feed yourself? Taco Bell? We are the same, just at diffrent levels.

Okay... what a side note.