Two hundred and fifty dollars

The whole reason I started this blog was due to a three day notification invitation to a wedding. I was called and invited to a wedding on a Friday for a Wedding that took place on a Monday. We were not happy with this "shot" gun type marriage (no babies involved) but have supported it since then.
I have gotten away with venting on Family and focused more on my life, trials, tribulations and successes, however this blog as come full circle.

They, the reasons I started this blog, painted two rooms in my grandmothers Victorian Cottage. The rooms are small, simple and run into each other with out a dividing wall. We all have been pitching in to help out grandma. Visiting, Cooking, buying food, yard work, cleaning, doctors visits, Social Security paperwork. You name it we all help. The cousins (her grandchildren)especially come together in times of need and celebration. Her income is small. Her lifestyle simple. Her mother passed away, her husband passed away, two brothers are showing advancing signs of Alzheimer's and she's starting to become a shut in. She does not like coming out of her property much. We invite her, go and try to pick her up for events, but she politely declines. So we all go there.

Well, back to the painting. My cousin and her husband were painting grandma's sitting and dinning room. Two small rooms and charged her $250. They charged grandma. You may think, well it was job that was done and would of cost anyways. If I would have known they were going to charge her I would of taken vacation and done it myself. For Free. We don't charge grandma. The irony is that Grandma and my Tia (cousins mom) babysit their baby for free. Because they can't afford to pay a child care provider and work jobs that don't allow them to care for their own child.

I'm saving up money to get her window treatments because hers are old, some torn and dirty. I can't imaging telling her, "here's the bill". Bottom line, grandma has only given her whole life. Given to all of us. Even little bills stuffed into our shoes when growing up. She to this day tries to give me money. I'm 30. I turn around and buy her food. I give it back. You don't charge her $250 and say nice doing business with you. She's Grandma!

*we are fixing up the house because before she died, Great Grandma would trip out if the color or anything was changed. Now that she has had two losses, my grandma is ready for change.