December 3-9.... When it rains it pours

It's fitting that today the sky is blue, the flowers are blooming and the weeds are pushing through the soil with wild fervor. The air is cold and crisp. I can see a fresh blanket of snow on the mountains encircle our valley.

Monday- Timba out two year old cat is leaking urine and blood. My husband and I know its stones that he has to pass. So he takes him to the Vet and I go to work. My birthday is coming up. All I want is for our cat to get better. I told my husband that any money we were going to spend this next weekend on my birthday was going to the cat. He agreed to my request. He's sweet... I had to tell him no credit cards either or he would of snuck a gift in some how. I just want the cat fixed.

Tuesday- He is leaking and we have to purchase puppy pads, a smaller dish of water so we can monitor the amount he is drinking and his "special" food. We place a small litter box in the area too so we can monitor his "potty" as well. We separated him from the other cats and thought he would be good in a few days.

Wednesday - We had to sponge bathe the cat. He is wet, it's cold and he's not happy. He's still leaking, but no more blood. Our 12 year old dog fell while she was running after one of the young pups. His front leg gave out. She snaps at them for no reason sometimes. I think she is losing her mind.

Thursday- The cat is now not eating still and we are still going through the medication and cleaning regime. Mom called, grandpa had a diabetic episode. His numbers were at 30, and that is after forcing down Orange Juice. It's raining.

Friday - My husband took the cat back to the Vet. They switched his pills and gave him a shot to induce hunger. My husband felt at this time that this was not enough but took the cat home to see if the changes would help. I finally found out why a co worker was not coming to work. He is in a different department and no one said a thing. He finally e-mailed me. He had a break down of sorts. He on stress related leave for depression. This happens once a year, we call it "his moment", but this one looks like forever. He is the only male in our gaggle of female lunch partners. He comes on over to our side of the lot and chills after his smoke. Come to think of it... he never eats. Except on potluck days... Mexican Food. This week has been exhausting. We fall asleep around 8:30 pm. It's raining.

Saturday- Our cat does not look well. We decide he is going back to the Vet on Monday. I carry him around the house wrapped up in a puppy pad. I pick up my mom and we head out to buy the curtains and rods for my grandma. My cousin has already purchased sheers for the windows. She has three 3’ and one 71" window(s) to cover. I call my cousin to see if she wants to come along, she did purchase the sheers. She had her siblings with her (ages 18-8 …babysitting) and her baby. We told her that we would then just meet her at grandmas. She insisted on meeting us at Home Depot (our second stop) she and all my cousins came up and hugged us. Here we go… all 6 of us to pick up a faux stain glass panel for the front door. I’m partially glad they came. I found out she only purchased one set of panels and a curtain rod that should be used for curtains. Long story short, I spent a few hours there and hung them up. All the family in the same room, plus grandma and her sister-in-law, it was packed.

I came home we got ready for my birthday dinner. We went out to eat, went to see the lights in Riverside and walked through the shops along the main walk. It began to sprinkle and we went home. As soon as we got home we began to hand feed and water our kitty. We gave him his meds and then he began to twitch. We rushed him to the 24 Animal Hospital and checked him in. We grabbed his medical records and pills and handed them over. The Vet did not look happy when she read the record of the other hospital.

Sunday - The phone rang at 1:30 am. His potassium levels were high, his temp was dropping and his kidneys were in danger. They could not save him. He died.

Monday- I turn 31.

* I gave Timba to my husband for his birthday. He would wake up my husband every morning by placing his paw on the side of the bed, then he would run up and touch noses with him. I would chase him through the house and then he would chase me back. He would wait at the front door when we drove up and jump up spin and run as we opened it. He was an indoor kitty. My husband and I do not have children. They are all we have.