Saturday (8th) and Sunday (9th)

Downtown Riverside, after my birthday dinner with my husband

Mission Inn ( Never was a Mission)

Horse and carriage in Riverisde

1940 -WPA stamp

Berdoo... on the way to grandmas house to drop off the last two panels


Let's see.... I'm 31.

For my birthday I received back the gift I gave myself. I bought grandma curtains. That was my gift to myself for my birthday. Making sure grandma had window coverings. They were a lushish chocolate color. Well... that's not what my aunt had in mind. She also said that my other cousin ... ($250 Paint Job) was going to buy curtains ... um, then why did she only purchase one set of sheers for 5 windows. Whatever. My other cousin (who is living with grandma, got some girl knocked up, and asked if they would match the wood blinds that don't exist. My dad who was there today (on vacation) decided just to take them down and let them handle it. The cousin asked if they could be left up at least till the blinds are purchased. Grandma then said, "no, she has to get her money back if we take them down" ... so down they went. This is the same cousin that spent $300 on a glass fish vase. Another couple of hundred on some water fountain that looks like it came from a Target garden center...he has in it the living room. Can we all say "maxed-out credit cards". Imagine, I could have spent time with my Timba, rather then waste my time putting up something that others did not "picture". Timba died that night. My aunt and her kids can do what they want. I'm strictly staying out of it. I offered, I was rejected. Oh well. Next I'm going to weed the garden and when I'm done I'm sure they will hire a landscape service.

Now that I have written all this... I still love them. They just have issues that are-what-they-are and if this is how they feel in control of their lives, and how they feel important... oh well. I have new curtains to put up in my house... Next they will no longer have the carpet my dad had installed in mind... careful pop. ;-P