In response to "Hello World" by Pearmama

Not hobbies, just things that make me happy in my little world.

10. Having 5 blankets on me while I sleep... even if it's summer and pulled over my head.

9. Socks.... I love socks. Fresh warm cotton socks. I even love to double my socks around the house. Thinner novelty socks with white cotton socks over. I have socks for my Vans, for my dress shoes, for my lace up Vans, my New Balance, for my hiking boots, yes I have 100% wool hiking socks and sock slippers.

8. Orange chicken......mmmmmm.

7. Driving to and from work in my truck with four "Rage" Cd's in my 6 CD changer. (nice choice of music Pearmama). It pumps me up for work and calms me down on the way home... don't works.

6. Talk radio at the house. When I home alone I put on radios ... all of them, so as I clean and go from room to room I don't miss anything they are saying. I have the cats addicted to talk radio. It calms them and puts them to sleep.

5. Detailing my truck.

4. Using glass over a plastic cups.

3. Stalking my cats around the house. Especially Malcolm. He is our largest cat and he runs to the bed and curls up as I jump over him hovering and kissing his head. My husband always tells me to stop harassing the cat. Malcolm loves it.

2. Watching Project Runway Canada, ANTM, Project Runway and Family Guy episodes on Youtube. I also watch Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy online. ( we refuse to get cable ever since we could not afford it ten years ago because we were poor college students, and why when it's all online).

1. Retail Therapy. If I'm really feeling blue I need to get out and buy something. Even its $1.00 scrap booking stickers from Big Lots.