Project Runway re runs = inspiration

I started a painting the bird house my parents gave me. I painted stems and am going to put bottle caps on them as the flowers. It's a birdhouse with a twist.
I will continue to update these project pictures.
I received a Micheal's gift card from my parents for my birthday and purchased these wood crosses. I needed glitter glue for the caps and ink for the printer, so we went to Target. The parking lot was filled with seagulls that went airborne when a car drove past them.
Of course we had to pop into Biglots. We split up and went looking for those "deals". I remembered I needed a clear vinyl curtain to replace our old one and as I was digging through the piles I found this curtain for $4.00. So of course I purchased the Loteria curtain as well as the clear vinyl. When we got home I looked up the brand to see if there were any accessories that went with it. I guess they used to carry the product at Wal-mart between 2004-2006. Curtain rings, waste basket and bathroom containers.
Zarela Casa Ltd.

My hair is in a towel...

A quick Christmas post
(maybe I'll add more to it later)
23-I made these brownies and melted round peppermint candies and cut them out to placed them on top. It was sooooo good. They tasted like mint chocolate chip ice cream.23- I also made oatmeal and toffee cookies with fresh ground cinnamon and vanilla that we infused ourselves (vodka and Vanilla beans).

24- We made tamales again this year. My grandma even came by to help out. We went through 30 pounds of masa in less then two hours. One of my friends from work came by to help out too.

25- Christmas was very nice this year. Slow paced and family centered. The youngest in the family is in the 11th grade and none of us have reproduced. So my parents are still without grandchildren. This is weird because my parents still shop for us like we are kids. Don't get me wrong, we all love it. I got some really cool stuff this year, but when one us us does have a "grandbaby" this will all change. It will be all about the baby. As a wise woman once said..." if you have a baby, you won't be the baby anymore...." Hmmmm, damn I think that was a line from the movie Overboard... not a wise woman. I loved all my gifts and have already used the Waffle maker, bought veggies for the steamer and painted the "do-it-yourself" bird house. Oh, and the PJ's....I wearing them right now.