The Adventures of Estrella Luna

Jan 3rd
I have not had my hair cut in months. The last time I went it was September. The salon messed up my bangs.... which was a problem when I specifically said no bangs... just long layers. The time before that my hair had split ends almost immediately after the cut. I have very long hair as compared to my peers. As of the 2nd my hair was waist long. I need a trim badly. So I decided to go to the local Marinello beauty school to have my layers re trimmed and add some side swept bangs. I deiced to go here because the students are there for a grade and to prove themselves. Some salons are so pretentious, especially when the patron has long hair. I was scared about having a student cut my hair, but I thought, what the hell, I'm just going to do it. The patrons were very random. The stylist themselves were very random. I almost walked out... but I went for it. Andres was my stylist. I was in that chair for almost 3 hours, but it was worth it! My hair came out great. He kept my long hair. He washed, cut, blow dried and styled my hair. His instructor came, inspected and signed of on it. The cost... the cost... a grand total of $11.00. I was so happy with my cut.

Jan 4th
A dear friend of mine called to set up a lunch for the girls. One of the girls was going to bring a friend that is somewhat not part of our immediate group, but never the less a friend. Well low and behold Rissa and Threecia were on their way and as the door to the little sushi place opened in walked Neffi and two other friends that we are not close to. Sigh. Oh well. All six of us had a pleasant lunch. We all picked up our chopsticks and began to dig in.... I did not realize Threecia did not know how to use them. She is so cute! I adore her. I gave her a crash course. She said that her family ate all the tamales she helped us make. She said she had a lot of fun making tamales with my family. To give a sample of the conversations, which to be honest were "different"...Never mind, I don't have the energy nor the want to re tell them. Let me say one of the friends received a globe and "sexy little things" body shimmer from Victoria's Secret she said it was edible, I don't think it is, anyways it was from her in laws. The other conversation was about a husband that goes and gets treated to manicures and pedicures with his male boss. I mostly sat and listened. I was amazed. We got our little ranch together for the storm that is coming in. Covered the hay, made sure the goat's house was ready, the garden shed was prepped, the bunny moved in, the dogs bed was placed in the shed and now we are ready for the StORm.

It a new year and I'm all over the place

I made a cake for our family's "New Years Day" dinner.
My parents gave me this for Christmas, so it was time to put it to the test.

Of course I did it opposite to the example on the box. Oh well. As you can see, that did not matter. It was all eaten up anyways.

I had some time off this holiday and decided to dedicate myself to some arts and crafts. I went through the net and pulled some of my favorite images. These are images created by other artist that inspire me. I could say that if you looked at every image I printed out they would tell a story of who I am. Not many people now the real me. I keep it hidden. My parents know me, my husband knows me... well I might add, and a few friends do as well. However my co-workers and other friends know the who they want to know. They don't look deeper, they don't pay attention to the subtle hints of who I am. They only want to know the safe and user friendly me. All of this "ethnic" stuff....they don't have a clue... or they do and they choose to ignore it. It's safer that way.

Bongo the Bunny
I love my bunny. He is the sweetest little thing in the world.

Our little party menu for New Year's Eve

I received the center sacred heart from a dear artist friend of us. He made 25 of them. This picture does not do the piece justice. The sacred heart on the right was given to me as a card from my husband when we were in our "dating" days. The one the left was made in Peru, I glued it to the middle of a frame that I painted black to created a common thread between the frames. I purchase the the blue one for my 31st b-day.