Home... home on the rancho

First we have out cute little babies.

Next, my husband and I went out to do a little shopping and I piked these little things up. I love my husband. I was not sure if I should and he was the one that actually pushed for them. Probably because I was out in the rain playing with the dogs yesterday. When I was little I would run around in the rain and check on my pony, my bunnies, my dogs, my ducks ( I know, they like water) come in and then go out in the rain again. Well I did that yesterday and my shoes were soaked.

In the back-back yard
We have a front yard that filled with a minimal amount of grass and 8 different varieties of pink roses, lavenders, lemon grass, lemon verbena, hibiscus, verbena, an apple tree, lions tails, and dozens of different flowers/plants/bushes all with a hot pink Crepe Myrtle as the center piece.
The back yard has a seedless orange tree, an herb garden, grass of course, a huge blood trumpet, and a treeless tree house. The dogs are in this portion of the yard. Our tool shed which is huge houses our bikes, lawnmower, tool bench, bunny cage (when it rains), dog beds, and still plenty of space to play with the dogs inside.
The middle -back yard contains a start of another rose garden, a pom tree, the goat pen, a huge silk tree, and pampas grass.
The back-back yard contains miniature cheery trees, nopals, three huge pine trees that used to be potted Christmas trees from when I was a little girl and my some old cars that belong to my dad and his cousin. So needless to say, I have a lot of yard to cover and these will make it easier in the rain.

The babies again


bottle caps + images + resin + glitter glue = my latest arts and craft endeavour
I created little pieces with images from other artists that inspire me. Some people have inspiration walls, inspiration notebooks/scrapbooks or they collect images and place them in files on the computer. I adhere my inspiration images to crosses and birdhouses.
This blue one is under my husbands broken darbuka (dumbek).
We hung it on the wall. Our cats broke it when they were still kitten (7 years ago) and we hung it as a reminder to watch were we place things in the house.

~under the dumbek~

~ under the dumbek~

~Over our bedroom door~

~Over our bedroom door~

~Over the bathroom door~

~After I coat it with an acrylic varnish~

~ I will hang it on our porch outside, but not directly in the elements~

Some snaps from yesterday

As I was getting the yard ready for the storm I decided to take a few snaps of some flowers we have in bloom right now.
I made sure the bunny had fresh bedding, the dogs had all their beds in their dog houses or the in the tool shed ( they tend to pull them out). I rolled Bongo's cage into the tool shed, made sure bungees were tight around the bales of hay, filled in holes made by our Terrier mix trying to catch gophers and other small things.

These two have grown up so much. The above picture is from yesterday and the below picture is from March 2007.