I ...

" I"
FELT LIKE IT I ... Spent $5000 in 10 minutes at work. My hands were numb after I hung up the phone.

I... Filled out paper after paper of requisition forms in triplicate for the $5,000 expenditure.

I...Had a productive day at work. Busy, but productive.

I ....had a meeting at the downtown offices today.

I... put up a display board of our site's achievements downtown and took some pictures of it for our portfolio.

I...attended a trustee meeting after work. So in essence I went to work after work.

I ...made dinner for my husband and I decided to make cookies and cupcakes. I'm going to take some to work and put a paper down that say " because I felt like it".

I... feel better now... and I have only had one cupcake and that will be all for me tonight.

I also realized as I left my meeting, it's not all about me. Just the way the breeze swept through the air. The way the green of the trees stood in front of the blue panels of the sky. The way the air fell on my skin. I realized I am not alone.