photos from the week

I love this picture. I even surprised myself with it.

Garlic Flower


The drive home

Waffles I made last weekend. It was our one caloric splurge.

All you can eat sushi

We ate once today... and had coffee for Breakfast and Dinner

Cabin Sushi....yummmmm

  1. California Roll
  2. Rainbow Roll
  3. Shrimp Tempura Roll
  4. Caterpillar Roll
  5. Mexican Hand Roll
  6. Hawaiian Hand Roll
  7. Futomaki Roll
  8. Volcano Roll
  9. Salmon Hand Roll
  10. Salmon Skin Hand Roll
  11. Salmon Sushi
  12. Albacore Sushi
  13. Squid Sushi
  14. Salmon Egg Sushi
  15. Octopus Sushi
  16. Sea Eel Sushi
  17. Quail Egg Sushi

The view from our back door this morning.

The sushi restaurant was next door to White Park, the park that we were married at 5 years ago.

The gazebo we were married under

White Park was established in 1883 and is Riverside's oldest park. It is named after Albert Sidney White. I originally had a large cactus garden that included hundreds of cactus and succulents.

My husband and I meet at a community college a few streets down. We would drive past the park when it was being renovated (for Years) and would be upset that a lovely park was chain linked off from the public. It was finally opened and we deiced to marry there.

Work has been crazy this week. I felt that I hardly saw my husband. Even though we had a home cooked meal every night together we were tiered and trying not to get sick. So having this date was very nice. Walking through our park was so romantic.