It seems all I have time for is these "week in review" posts. So here we go...

Monday- I was sick.... went to work anyways and seemed to be nothing more then a walking moco. My eyes and nose would not stop watering. Why in the hell did I go to work you might ask, well we had deadlines and new paperwork to submitt. I needed to oversee all of it to make sure it was completed properly.

Tuesday- I stayed home in bed and watched CNTM, Australia's NTM and Cashmir Mafia on my laptop with cups of tea, a little heater, a roll of the softest toilet paper and a plastic target bag for my moco trash. Not my sexiest moment. Hair pulled back into a nub on the top of my head and of course with my sweats and sweatshirt on. However did work stop? Nooooo. I had my work e-mail up so I would get notices with incoming mail....I would answer and then un-pause my showns.

Wednesday- I had a early morning meeting at another site and had to sit next to my CEO. Intersting. I'm still digesting that.

Thursday- A good day, a day full of work.

Friday- Holy gucamole... We had another consultant in and did a presentation for some of our clients. We even had other departments in to watch the consultant in action. She was overboard. She was total "Business Cheerleader Barbie". It was all crash-and-burn. Yet she was oblivious to why this particular batch of clients were un-responsive. My colleague said it was beacuse she was this over-the-top-blue-eyed-blond-girl. He got in trouble for that statement. I stated it had nothing to do with her look. It was about her presentation. It does not matter if she is blond or not. They would of been just as annoyed if she any other color. The reason they did not respond to her was becasue she was a "cheerleader" type and they saw her more as a cartoon character rather than a professional. I have to give it up to my clients... they looked past color, it's about presentation. However people seem to think that Latinos will only resopnd to other Latinos. It's business...we respond to whom ever respects us and gives us good deal. We are not that shallow.

So afterwork we all went to happy hour and then ended up at a "house party". Can we say "High School"? To be perfectly honest we had so much fun. The ironic thing of it all of all the couples there, at least one spouse was from my old H.S. We had all ended up in the same field, found each other and have created a small group. A bucnch of Chicanitos who went off to college to make a diffrence. I love it. We all went to school with each other, ran in similar circles, but never really were friends. Our gradutaion years from our high school span from 1992- 1999. Now we share stories of our travles, clients and business.