Damn it

I have never ever thought I would say this. I think my color and gender are being taken into account by a co worker shown through passive aggressive attacks. What the freaking hell. This started three years ago when he went to the CEO of the company and told him I’m a communist. In our area of work that would be a ill fitting political choice. He said this because I wore a Frida Kahlo shirt under a sweat shirt on a office moving day. Compared to the cleavage/shorts/flip flop wearing white girls I thought I was pretty well dressed. Then he went to the board and complained that our department was undermining his client base. Thus was found untrue through documentation. Now he as called me a lair … behind my back to some clients. He now has gone too far. The cliental then came to me and told me what happened. I took the higher road and said he must be uninformed or joking. ARRRGGGGGGG!!!! Breath. Is it because I am a woman? Is it because I’m brown? Is because I run a successful ship? Why does he insist on doing this? He does not do this to anyone else. Oh wait, no one else looks like me in my area.
I hope it is something else..and not what I said it was.

Bring It!!!