Day light savings...

Today was a lovely day. We spent every moment of sunlight outside in our front, back and middle back yard. We mowed, pulled weeds, trimmed, mulched, watered and tried not to blow away with the wind. It was a great day.

My husband bought me this Calla Lily plant years ago. It never fails to produce beautiful flowers. When I see the flowers from it blooming I think of the years we have spent together and of our wedding. Calla Lilies were our wedding flower.

Our cactus and succulent garden is growing by leaps and bounds. We spent the day pulling out wild grasses.

Three of our eleven rose bushes are in bloom. I have a pink pallet in the front yard with one red (Mr. Lincoln) and one white one. The rest are variations of pink... blush and bashful.

This dainty little flower came from a 99 cent seed mix that I tossed into the garden a year ago. Three of these plants have come back this year.

A California Poppy from our spring 2007 seed mix. They are resowing themselves this year. This was the first poppy bloom.