Last Night.

This is Chata. She was a small gift from my brother. I never told him, but that was the best gift he has ever given me. When I saw her I though of him at our door with her in his hands telling me ..."look what I brought you from the gas station". That was close to 7+ years ago. Chata was my "pal". Funny little cat. When Timba died she became neurotic. When Malcolm passed she peed on everything. She became an out door cat after all of that. Karel soon went to live outdoors with her as well. He was lonely in doors. A house of four cats to a house of none. Well the neighbors dogs got into our yard. Needless to say our petite little girl was no match for two rotties and a pit bull. I do remember screaming "no, F*%$ with multiple suffixes and using in multiple sentences. After we brought her in I called the Humane Society crying reporting them... it was a voicemail. We rushed her to emergency. (Animal hospital) and her body lining was separated from the cavity. Her lungs collapsed. Her lower sturnum was broken and it would be three days of monitoring for internal bleeding and organ failure. We decided to put her to sleep. We brought her home and buried her. I cried myself to sleep and went to work today. A few people knew.... my eyes were a dead give away. Worked and came home. I cried as I drove up the drive and here I am. I hope this is my closure. My husband just came in an told me that the dogs are no longer next door. All that remains is the black pit puppy tied next to our fence.