Audit time

Monday- a social event after work.... cancelled. Thank goodness.

Tuesday - An auditor flew in to LAX to come and see what we (I) have done with our programs and how we where helping even out the playing field for our clients. He interviewed me for over 2 hours. He walked around from office to office talking to management, clients and admin. assistants. Then that same afternoon he accompanied me to my annual review of my department by our company. It's like doing a dissertation every year.

Wednesday - Social Event with clients in the afternoon and a Board of Directors meeting in the afternoon.

Thursday- Huge client function... set up by another person...I delegated. We get there and ....oh... opps.... she had the wrong date on the tickets. It's tomorrow! Everyone goes home. I asked for the date. I asked for the time. I even made some of the fliers for the event. Payment went out of my budget. I asked again for the dates. The one thing I did not ask to see was the actual paper with the confirmation number and date on it. She runs a large office like me and we have done events together in the past. oh well. I also had another cooperate big wig fly in from Colorado. They were here to meet with another division and wanted to stop by. She has "heard things" about me and my staff and wanted to check it out. Everyone preformed with flying colors. The one question that was asked was... with all the changes, restrictions and lack of communication that have been occurring in our company, why are we so positive and productive. The answer, we as a group decided to be proactive, positive and create change... move forward with what we have. Self sufficient. That would be the Miss America answer.... I just want to take over the world and if there is not a way.... I'll make one. ; )

Friday-Event with clients, this time it will be the right date.

Saturday- Event with clients.

Sunday- REST