Day of Rest

I wanted to get outside early today. By 7:00 I was watering the plants, preparing for the heat. There were hardly any cars out. A soft breeze swept past me and the chimes calmly played a morning song. The birds swooped down picking up bugs to eat, grass strands for nest making and played in the water from the hose. Ladybugs, wasps, moths, butterflies and a praying mantis all crossed my path at one time or another. This is my get away. My place of meditation. I put all of my thoughts, troubles and lists away... and instead I dream.

As I watered I trimmed back the plants. I cut back some rosemary from around the apple tree and took it in. To much of my surprise, my husband had breakfast ready for me. He made me a garden omelet with the fresh Rosemary I cut, tomatoes, cilantro, green onions and yellow chilies. What a wonderful morning.