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Mother's Day
Made a cake for mom and picked fresh flowers from our garden because instead of a bouquet of flowers, we got her a bouquet of King Crab Legs for a BBQ.

M had his last show as an Undergrad. He will be graduating from the Uof R this Sat. We are so proud!

My baby ran a 10k this week. It was his first race ever and low and behold, he won the bronze medal in his age group. Whoo Hoo!

Dingo wanted to run, but was not physically ready to do it this year. He is a little Pudgy-Muffin. We are going to get him ready for the 5k next year. My mom and I are going to enter it next year. We were inspired as we watched the runners come across the finish line.

Descanso Gardens

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Something small, but still makes me proud.
It takes a bit to load. Scroll down to "Descanso Gardens"
The picture is of a Dragon wall water fountain.