Dreams in the past 14 days

First Dream
Mom's side of the family

I have had some strange dreams lately. I have shared them with my husband. I dreamt that I was at a church, and there was a side room, like a nuns quarters. Very mission style. The walls where creamy white, the trim was a sienna red. The floors where clay tiles. The bed had a "Mexican grandma" blanket with a single pillow. There was Jesus on a cross on the wall across from the bed. Against the window across the room there was a table for two. My (deceased) grandfather and my Tia Mary. They were talking about the "service". Who was going to read the passages. My grandfather asked my tia if I could read them in Spanish. She said of course she could. She knows Spanish. ( I struggle in Spanish). I sat down behind them and looked around the room. On the bed there was a box full of Vicente Fernandez clippings. I asked if "He" liked Vicente and my Tia said that "He" did. Now who is "He".... I don't even know and it was my dream. My Uncle came in (who is 4 years younger then me... whoo hooo grandma and grandpa) and asked what we were doing. I said looking at hymns. I left the room. There was a hallway, it curved at each end. There were clay pots with red geraniums and then.... done.

Second Dream.

I dreamt a cousin if mine passed away from my dad's side. The funny thing was it was not him. I told myself in the dream it was not him... that he stood for something else. I raced through my dream looking for clues... I even asked the cousin who died in my dream what "he" represented...No one was sad... nor was I ... so in my dream I knew there was more... then I woke up.

Real Life.

My grandfather's brother had a heart attack yesterday. My grandfather is the oldest of his family. Two brothers and two sisters are still alive. His brother is diabetic as is he. He had lost a foot due to the diabetes and then went in yesterday with Cardiac Arrest. My dad's cousin was just laid to rest on Monday. Heart attack. He too was diabetic.