Back to normal

I think I'm back to normal. I came down with the stomach flu on June 10th. I did not get better till June 18th. I only missed one day of work. We had so much going on I could not afford to miss or else deadlines would be missed. Some days I would just finish the project or get enough of it started that I could explain the rest to my team mates and they were able to take it and run. Overall the experience was horrible. Fevers, chills... there came a point where I had nothing (not by choice) in my stomach for almost two days. Horrible. Water, yogurt, bananas, apples and bread where the only things on my menu. Upside... great way to start a summer diet... joking.... but not really. On the 19th I had "real" food. Oh my it was great. I jumped in feet first. I had a Red Robin A-1 Peppercorn, with some pink, hamburger. YUM! However this is all I ate all day. I had lots of water. My poor tummy had shrunken. Mmmmmm... peppercorn.....

I went to Universal Studios with some clients on Saturday. Now why did the company have to send us on one of the hottest days? WHY? Well with lots of sun screen, frozen water bottles in my backpack and sun glasses we did it. I went on the Simpson's ride. I have been to Universal every year for the last 6 years for work. So this was a treat, to go the Simpson's ride because it was new and I had not been on it before. I actually was impressed by it. It was as the kids say..."Sick".

Today ... laid around, made fresh watermelon margaritas and stuffed herb BBQ Chicken. A well deserved day of rest. My husband picked up a watermelon and I scooped out all the yummy insides. I then placed the juicy pieces in a blender and liquefied them. Then I poured then contents into silicone cupcake trays to ice up. I then popped out the icy mix into Margarita glasses and splashed in some Corazon Tequila. Perfect summer drink. (I did chores too... I'm not that "Queen of Sheba - y")

His name will be Joaquin

I am Joaquin
by Rodolfo "Corky" Gonzales

Visual by Teatro Campesino/Luis Valdez/Danny Valdez and others
Youtube post by spanishfli

My father had me use this poem for an assignment in middle school. He had my brother use it and my youngest as well. I thank him for it. I learned at a young age I can create what I read. I can use alternative works in my education. My teachers never questioned it as long as I full filled the assignment requirements. I love this body of work.