So we left town with M&M

As we drove towards Calico and Newberry Springs we all saw this sign. "hite" beer. Almost at the same time we all said (in some degree) what is that? We joked about it all the way to Vegas.

Then in Baker, my husband began to obsess with the "Mad Greek". He wondered if he was crazy or pissed. We made jokes the whole time.

We checked into our hotel and then low and behold as I looked out the window, there was a fire. Not what I wanted to see as soon as we got there.

We stayed at Treasure Island. They remolded the whole hotel. Much more sophisticated then before. The room was so comfortable. We out to the mall at Cesar's and window shopped. We ahead an appetizer at Planet Hollywood. We were hungry, but did not want to eat a meal because we had reservations at Isla's.

The food was great. We were not disappointed. Eating here and ordering Mole was the reason for the trip. I had the Seafood Enchilada and M and M and my husband had the Mole. I love tequila...and anything that comes from the Agave... the flavor, the smell, the way it smoothly goes down. I had a shot of the Gran Centenario Reposado Tequila and a Blue Magarita. My husband had Mezcal del Maguey de Chichiapa... oh my was it delectable... I have met my match.

It was so warm out ... we walked down to Paris to order some crepes.

They were worth the walk. We returned to the hotel and had some fun.

We slept in extremely late and took our time checking out. We then went to the cafe for breakfast. I had banana and almond pancakes. Delicious.

This was a nice change from our usual routine. It was very relaxing and fun. The food was fantastic... I think I gained some of the weight back from my "stomach flu diet". Time to go running. Goal is to go somewhere every three weeks this summer. Business is slow and it's time for me to take vacay time.