It's always Sunday even when it is Sunday

My Husband and I always say it's Sunday when the day is clam and slow. With that said... next week is packed. Not in an "oh my I'm so overwhelmed" packed, but a it's about time I took some me time. May/June was crazy! I thought I was going to pull a Mariah Carey during her Glitter release. I'm going out to for shushi in Riverside with some friends on Monday, one of them being the "Ultimate Chick" whom blames me for her blogging addiction and then on Tuesday I made time for a massage with a wonderful friend of mine and a small lunch. Wednesday... who knows and Thursday.... shopping for Friday of course. Saturday we have a party to attend in Redlands ... a good old BBQ back yard party. This should be interesting since the conversations are about music, economics, historical wonder from the area, Literature and children... my part in the last topic is as follows. "So when are you going to have a baby?" "Don't you want one". "Is it time yet"?My replay is ... oh look your kid is hungry... ummm you child is crying... you kid is going towards the pool.... what are they eating off the floor.... distract and run. Over all this will be a great week.

We wanted to go to Cabo San Lucas this vacay or down to San Ignacio to see the cave art... however we are opting for a Museum Summer to save money because we have decided to go to New York next year and Merida, Yucatan, Mexico... so less time going out and a little more time blogging, board games and gardening... the "free-er" things in life.