Catch up in Photos... and clip art

Life travels by so fast sometimes i forget to breath.... then it travels by so fast that I feel like I'm standing still with the everything on pause.

Unpacking the Vegas bags. Mazzy Pants jumped into the bag...almost as if to say "never sleep away again".

I took some time to turn an old broken chair into garden piece. I'm almost done. I have to put in some shading, a butterfly, and movement lines around the faux sign as if it was swinging. I'm going to set it between some roses, lemon grass and rosemary.

I need to finish it this weekend

My mother and I went 4th of July shopping on the 3rd. As we were driving we were talking about my truck and how I have had it since July 4th 2006 and then she asked... how many miles are on it now. I looked down and there it was ... 11111. I pulled over parked the truck and took a quick picture of it... all while my mom was laughing... for the blog. Yes, for the blog. Pearmama wrote a post on how the "blog" is part of our daily life (no pun intended) and we do things, such as take pictures of our odometers just for our blogs. It's true... it was for the blog.

July 4th - went to my parents for a BBQ, came home little early because we wanted to be with the dogs. Zora (Queensland Heeler) is 14 years old and hates fire/fireworks/flames. Dingo, the two year old Queensland barked and ran around the yard while the terrier mix sat between my husband and I. We knew our other neighbors would have illegal fireworks and decided to set up in the backyard and calm the dogs and watch for fire. Two days prior, we finished clearing our acre in anticipation of a "illegal fire work gone wild". There were illegal fire works down the street and the ones in the video are across the wall/canal/tracks/wall. Good times.

July 7th there was a strange man standing out side. Looking left, looking right, looking left, looking right... repeat repeat. I took a picture, just in case ... of what who knows... but just in case. Then I looked out the other window... another man standing in my neighbors drive way. then a cop car, then another. I then realized this man was a plain clothes officer making sure no one ran out the side gate of their house. ( side note: they just put up a 6 foot fence up the side and all around their "first" backyard) Three cop cars, two undercover cars and talking to may neighbor later a woman that has been staying with them was handcuffed and put in the cop car and taken away. Weird... I wonder what she did. Three neighbors ago ( I have been on my little ranch for a while) there was a ATF/Police/Helicopter/Fire engine raid. Oh the memories.

On the 8th my husband and I decide to take a "drive" for dinner. We went to this little restaurant that he is in love with before we met. We went to Perris for Chile Rellenos. It was a fun impromptu adventure.
Then on the 9th we went over to M and M's house. They showed us some beautiful shots of Napa, the Mountains that surround Napa the beach and San Francisco. The "walking" stick was great! I also got the call that a dear person in my life past. He was my little brothers' counselor, my high school friends father, and staple in Colton.

July 10th - I went with a good friend to the Red Earth Spa in Redlands. It was sooooooo relaxing. We talked about this since excursion since May. She received a gift certificate and it was more then she needed, so she invited me along. I, in return, took us out for lunch after. I loved the whole experience. She is such a down to earth person to talk to. I'm so lucky to have so many great girlfriends. I have had a few girlfriends, but it's hard finding women I am compatible with. Women who share similar outlooks on marriage, work, culture, values, and life. They are so different, but I adore them all the same.