Pink's and LACMA

Off to Los Angeles
My husband, M and M (London Hearts) decided to take off from work early last Friday and head out to the Museum. We needed a day, besides it's summer and all of our organizations run slow around this time. We went to Pink's for lunch.

The line around Pink's was long ( as usual) but the people watching was fun. I had the Lord of the Rings dog, while my husband had a classic Chili Cheese dog. M and London Heart had the Millennium Dog.... HUGE.

Then we where off to LACMA

We went for two exhibits. One being the "Chicano Painters of Los Angeles" and the other "Phantom Sightings" . The other exhibits we popped in to see where...
  1. The Age of Imagination: Japanese Art, 1615–1868, from the Price Collection
  2. Hosoe Eikoh and Butoh: Photographing Strange Notions
  3. BCAM at LACMA: Inaugural Installation
We took a break from walking and watched a Jazz concert in the Breeze Way and drank coffee.
Overall it was a great excursion.