Fuji Sushi

Fuji Sushi... we have been patron since their opening week.
Yes... my roll is on fire.

We finally gave in and went to Fuji Sushi. A local Sushi eatery. I have been off of sushi for two months and believe me... it's been hard. I LOVE sushi. My favourite is Ikura... the red bead looking things. We decide to try their new specials. BBQ Roll (Salmon, Avocado, Crab, Tempura Shrimp and Smelt Eggs) wrapped in foil and the black tray is then lightly coated in alcohol. It is then lit on fire and burns for two minutes... then it is opened and .... YUM!

I had to take a picture of it.

My husband had the "Uno Mas Roll". It was like a crispy crunch roll with jalapenos in it. Love it.

Then when we thought we were done, we were given cucumber rolls complementary of the chef. They had 5 different fish cuts inside.

*- I hope I remembered all the ingredients of the two new specials, either way, they were delicious.-*

Home... home on the rancho de Santamaria

Two days after Zora passed.Photo taken from the back yard. The clouds are coming over the San Bernardino Mountains... Big Bear. These clouds mean one thing.... humidity.

Our lemon grass is loving the weather... it is growing like a weed... literally... it's everywhere. Time to dig some of it up and give it away.

Inside, I woke Zuko Baby up from his slumber.

San Diego

Some photos from San Diego. I liked the faux finish on this building.

After dinner we went on a stroll through the mall in the Gaslamp District.... it was closed. It was the true essence of "Window Shopping".

While we were down there we went to old town for dinner and shopping. I picked up some tin are at this little tin store that I love.

The sky was blue and it was the perfect tempurature.
A little diffrent from the Inland Empire.

We ate the Creole Cafe. It was next to the Waley House, off the beaten path. The food was good and we were seated away from the hustle and bustle of the tourists.

Random Street Art... it caught my eye.