I <3 Alexander Henry Fabric

I picked up this gorgeous fabric at Jo-Ann's. I have been on the hunt for Alexander Henry Fabric for a while. I know I have to go out to LA to find it, but for convenience... I needed to hunt locally. I do not know how to sew and asked my mother to guide me through the process... that's how it started, it ended with my aunt (who is a master at the sewing machine) ended up with the fabric and made me my apron. I love it!!!

Folklorico Series - Los Novios (6845B)

An evening out with my family

With our basket packed with grapes, strawberries, crackers, cheese, water, toffee nuts and water... we went to a concert in the park. We met up with my parents, my Tia and Cousins and ran into a lot of family friends.
The concert ran for 5:00-8:30, the weather was cool and the overall atmosphere was clam and relaxed.