Lifted (now that it is all written)

Looking at my blog, it seems the month of August has been one long, relaxing and a creative month. Now that the end of the month is coming and now that I took a "Me Day", I have time to reflect. Read it if you like. It's more of a "taking the rocks off my back and leaving them here" post. Seasons are changing and as usual so will life.

This month has been busy. Between work and my daily life( no pun intended... but use it where I can) I have been with my grandmother. I took some vacation time and spent with her. She is going to be 82 and she recently broke her arm.... in a northeastern state. Go figure. She came home and needed surgery. Well no can do. Her blood pressure is walking on the moon and put up the "I forgot to take my pills" flag. It will be going on four weeks and she no longer has the option of surgery to correct her break. The bone matter is already growing back and must be re-broken. However that is out of the question because she has high blood pressure. Something that should of been taken care of by Aunt Number 2 in February. I guess she forgot to tell anyone. Well Aunt number 1 to her for her arm and found this out and it has been a battle to have her take her pills. I even had to fake a phone call to the doctor and tell my grandmother that he was on the phone and wanted to know if she was taking her pills because that morning she said that "he" said she could stop. Running from her house to my house before my baby gets home so I can make him dinner or clean or tend to our yard or play with our numerous pets has had me on overdrive. Mind you, This is my vacation time. I wanted to use this vacation time to spend with my husband since I go into overdrive at work from Oct-Jan. So I scheduled... well, might I add.

In addition to all of this I have be working on clearing up her bills. She was consistently a month behind on everything. When people would take her to pay they were paying the previous months. She would write the amount on the envelope and no one ever took out the actual bill to look at the dates. I took over her SCE, Gas, Verizon, Insurance, Cable and am monitoring her bank account now. I am able to pay it all on line and view her statements. I however refuse to move any of her money in her account from checking to saving and visa versa online. That is to be done in the Bank with her present. I don't want any finger pointing. What frustrates me is she has two maxed out cards and an auto loan overdue. First of all she does not have a truck and second she does not shop in the men's section of Nordstroms... but my cousins do.

*taking care of that*

On a positive, now that the family knows I can view her bank accounts, her balance is still at $200+, rather than $5.

As far and I'm concerned, I did not work Friday because I realized I post phoned my regular dentist appointment for over two months. I made an appointment. The Doctor said my gum line is receding. Not from gum disease. He asked if I was stressing.. Yes. Was I grinding my teeth at night, Yes. Was I over brushing... yes. Oh man. The from there I went to the hospital to be with my grandma as she was denied surgery and had a new and lighter cast put on.

So I made a necklace (last post).

What day is it?

When life throws me into a rut, dole drums, pity party or hormonal imbalance... I create. I think of it as a ladder out. It's Saturday... but it feels like Sunday... and we went out window shopping. I wanted to stop by Jo-Ann's before we went home. OMG... the whole store was on sale. I decided to pick something to do, but it had to be cheap. I found a cute charm by Blue Moon Beads. It's part of their "Lost and Found" collection. It was on sale for $ 2.79. I then purchased an 18" chain for 99 cents. Came home and in 10 minutes I had a necklace. I did use little rings left over from my charm bracelet to attach everything together. It symbolizes my husband and I building a nest... one day I will add a small pearl bead to the nest... in a few years. Keep your eyes peeled.

A side note, when I was done I decided to look on Etsy under "bird/nest" and there it was. Slight variations of my necklace as well as exact duplicates. Same charm. The prices ranging from $29.99 to $13.00. Man, I'm in the wrong line of work.