Scavenger Hunt

I woke up and the first words out of my husbands mouth were "happy anniversary". "Happy anniversary" I reply back.... 6 years married/11 years living together here we are.... smiling at each other as if it was yesterday. To get my present I had to go on a scavenger hunt... a riddle lead me to the closet and the Bass guitar bag... it was heavy.

Inside... Iron fajita grills. I have wanted a pair "for-e-vah". I could not wait to use them. We have purchased them for others in the past... but never bought a set for ourselves. World market of course... : )
Then I had to run to the computer for the next hint. Mind you I have my camera in tow to document the fun. The clue was on one of his old blog posts... it was about "frown day"... long story.
Well there I went to the pantry. Digging through the selves...
....and there it was.... Blueberry syrup (with real blueberries) and malted waffle mix.

I took him on a shopping spree at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in Redlands and bought him a seed pod shaped Iron bell from Nigeria.