Last summer concert

I have one section left in this book. I was pleased with the tone and description the author took with this subject. It read very easy and I could not put it down. I was warned that I would become weary and even frightened as I read this. I read and read... and then wondered... did I miss something. I found it to be very interesting look at how humanity in a sub group can evolve right under our noses. Interesting book.
My parents joined us for the last concert in the park. The temperatures fell enough to wear pants. My tia and her husband showed up with some of their kids. Awkward. They are two days into discussing divorce. I hope whatever they chose to do, they think of the reciprocation s to their kids.... no matter what they end up doing. The kids should come first.

Time Lapse...

The traditional materials for the sixth anniversary are candy and iron.

My brother picked up some mini cupcakes from a local shop near his home in Los Angeles and my parents purchased us a little Iron Griddle.