We did take timeout for some fun...

...we needed a center piece for dinner on Sunday.

Costco Flowers and a pumpkin vase

It's been a while. I have been so busy. With the economic down turn life at work has become somewhat hectic. My project is doing fine, but December is the month of budget "adjustments". I'm a little worried about that. My project is on a six year plan. We are currently in year 4. We are right on target and if there is a hiccup I may just be thrown... I'm holding on and it's full steam ahead. There are some conferences my boss wants to go to... by the way, we have a new CEO. One is 2551 miles away, while option two is 356 miles away. He wants option one. Hmmmm. Different. Same conference. One in a much more exciting area... of course, how ever much more expensive.

My cousin came down from the Great Lakes to visit us. We are two peas in a pod. His partner and he were down for a class reunion. He cam over to my parents for dinner and we talked for 5 and half hours. I miss seeing him. We grew up together.

And so on.... I'm so tiered . I think I'm done posting for now.... I'll just add a few pictures and call it.