How can it be...

... the end of the month already. Wow. Time does fly. I have been so busy. It's like walking through a mall on Christmas looking for candy cane striped socks. Fast, colorful, loud... and endless. I have to say, with such a fast life, I hope I keep my center focused. Right now my center is still loyalty and work. My outer center is love, family, Husband, my project, integrity and humility. I need to pull my husband into the center and move work into the outer center. I am working on that. I do love him..... for understanding me so much. I think now with his venture into a new profession (similar to mine) he sees me in a new light.

We went out and had sushi for dinner to night. Our sushi place now has "all-you -can -eat" .... yum! Pearmama... We need to make plans.... mid November? I'll e-mail you soon.

We party hopped this weekend... so I will leave you with is little tidbit.

*my mother knew I was recording and was using her "80-90's" verbage. She is too cute.