where have I been?

On Halloween, we went over to my parents ordered pizza and decorated candy skulls. Sometimes I wonder, if and when we have a child how the family dynamic and traditions will change. My bothers (28 and 17) and I are the kids in our family. Imagine... a baby. This will definitely be something new. I had many personal pictures on my alter this year, hence why I did not put a full picture up. If I have time I will put a Photo Shopped picture on here.

I know I have this picture on another post... but I never actually wrote much to go with it. As my husband and I drive around on errands... I see the most beautiful things. I want to just capture that moment, that second and savor it. So I do the next best thing... I photograph it. Sometimes as I go back through the photos, I know a piece of it is missing. The essence of the moment that enriches is it gone. I just wish I could capture these moments... to show people how beautiful life is.... our town... time... my husband. There is a story here. The silent looking back and wanting to say something... but can't. This is a field of crops in Redlands. It is common to see a bunch of cars and trucks lined up on the side street as workers are out harvesting the newest growth. They have stories.

Our friend Akaixi was showing at a local Dia de los Muertos Exhibit at a local community college. They had tables set up and a nice little reception. We are so proud of him. His piece was beautiful . His experimental artwork is starting to define who he is as an artist.

An image from the Dia de los Muertos event on November 2nd in Riverside. The artist creates large replications of art with chalk on sidewalks.

M and M went out to the Riverside Arts Walk with us. It was a very interesting experience to say the least. The crowds and artist "galleries" were very diverse. From goldfish cookies to shrimp and wine. Pearmama had her work showing in the building in the second photo. From Framing shops to bail bonds offices. From hippy chic to hipster cool. You had it all. Above are a few snaps from the night. We were able to go into the small rooms above the historic Life Arts Center. We had our wedding reception on the 1st floor. It was very interesting... solar life force interesting.

Took some time to go to a UCLA game with clients. That was a long day. Tailgate and all. I'm glad we made it home safe.

One of those moments where I just want to capture life. That same day I took this photo... I found out that my Nina, who beat stomach cancer, now has a tumor in her uterus. They have to do more testing and then surgery. She has lost over 50 pounds in the last two months. Even now as I type, I can not. . . finish. I just want to capture life.