A week in photos

Friday- My husband started my Birthday a little early... It's not till the tenth, however I have minor surgery coming up on the eleventh and a wedding on the thirteenth. So, we decided to have this weekend be my "birthday weekend". We went out for sushi and today we are going to put up our Christmas tree.

I went to Rancho Mirage for a conference on Wednesday and Thursday. It was nice to get away from the routine of the office, however there is minimal sleep, rather tossing and turning without my husband.

It is a beautiful place.

Monday- As I left work, I looked up and saw a large bird. White with very light brown streaks on the under wing. I kept looking because it's face was round... hawks don't have round heads... kept looking... it was not a hawk.
My Godmother (Tia) is going in going in for surgery again. This time she is going in for a hysterectomy. Update... she is going in for more then that. The tumor is also attached to the colon. She goes in on the 18th.