The hole on the roof of my mouth

Here I am....

I'm 32 years old. I went to work yesterday and got a phone call. You have to give blood today for your tia. We are the same blood type and have "family ties". So I am a prime candidate for her. So after three presentations I ran from work to her office to pick up the paperwork then off to the blood band. It was already getting dark and I walked through the doors. Filled out the paper work and sat in a chair in a large room with no other donors. There were people in another section giving platelets. I drove home picked up my husband and then went off to my birthday dinner where some Friends came over for cake and Cold Stone. Went to work today and left straight to the dentist for my "gum reconstruction" . So here I am... I can't talk. Gauze in my mouth, drool seeping from the corners and the pain killer wearing off. The 800mg has not kicked in yet. I had to drive from the dentist to the pharmacy drive through. I had to mime and write everything on paper. The guy at the window was awesome. Came home and my wonderful husband took the list of what I can and can not eat to the store to buy me food. As I check my blog I notice my mother posted. Thank you mom. I love you and dad.

so here I am... sitting and sitting... in silence. Gauze in my mouth... with a burning sensation creeping across my two front teeth. Funny ... I practically get paid to talk.