On the road again

We went out for some last minute shopping.

It was cold and we ducked into the antique store. It's three levels and from the bottom level came a yummy smell. They have a little cafe called "Phood Cafe". It's always closed when we go antiquating, however today it was open. I had a cheese sandwich with tomato soup and shared a Red Velvet cupcake with my husband. Simple yet filling.

We then took a walk around our favorite part of the city, the Mission Inn area. Everything seems to be in full swing.
Santa, just hanging out.

They are remodeling the old theater. I can't wait till it reopens. Up above, a snowman hanging out.

The reflection of across the street in a dirty old window.

The Mission Inn. We stayed here on our wedding night as well as for my 30th birthday.

On our way home the clouds began to part.

It's amazing what you'll see if you just look up.