Going Home

This picture symbolizes my life.
(Work Life)
Luckily I have a great husband. He went out for Pizza and Beer and we had a fun little wind down feast.

The Revolution will not be televised ...


The revolution will not be televised, will not be televised,will not be televised, will not be televised.

The revolution will be no re-run brothers;

The revolution will be live.

I have not spoken much about work. I have been so swamped in the trenches I have not had the time to reflect. Yesterday I had it. It was too much for one day. We have a new CEO and he has the office running scared, especially the newbies. I just don't know what to make of him yet. I think he knows it too. His actions are interesting. He is highlighting the new leadership of our site with a heavy PR campaign that includes photos of him.... some as large as beach towels. I waiting. listening without taking a side. The boat is tipping. I mention work because the other day in order to fire up the office he had all of us read business related article. It was about being revolutionary. I think that word was used up to 14 times in the one page article, yet the writer gave no revolutionary examples. More of "feelings" and "hope". He then went around the room asking what people thought. No real revolutionary thoughts. Has he made his points by insulting himself, as he does in his passive aggressive way, he went around to every group asking what they thought.... once more... nothing revolutionary. I waited, waited with baited breath for him to call on my group. The ex-hippie, the self described "Angry White Man" and little ol' me. No, he skipped us. One associate even declined to speak due to the fact that she said that she felt uncomfortable speaking her opinion in this arena.... and they applauded her. At this time a vet who has lived in the trenches asked for my critique of the article. I smiled and said.... In order to have true revolution, it must be one of the masses by the masses.... what the heck, am I back in college?


Update- what a random rambling post... : )

I re read it. *sigh* Today was no different.

I think I'll watch the revolution on TV for now... see what happens... what road it takes. Hmmmm, Carmel or butter popcorn.