enjoy the silence

Most of the days as I drive up my off ramp on my home I take a moment and take in the world. I might catch a leaf blowing in the breeze, a piece of ...

Phone rang. My mother called. My nina is going in on Monday for a 9 hour operation. She'll be in ICU for three days and in the hospital for three weeks. She is going to have a family meeting with my mother on Friday and another with my mother and uncle. *breath*

... leaf flowing through the wind. The sand on the the slope of the off ramp and the patterns that have combed through it with the wind. A moment of time where everything stops. Yet the world around me flutters on. I think at times I feel the safest here. I am surrounded by the valley. The valley I grew up in with my family. The valley I shop in, drive in, work in, and live in. The Valley I share with my husband. It's a moment in time.