It's been a while...

On the way home from work



I have been twittering lately. It's quick and fast... but there is no insight ... at least not in depth.
Home: Everything is great at home. I just sowed some wildflower seeds around the Crepe Myrtle in the back yard as well as corn and beef steak tomatoes. The yard is so green from the rains. Too green. We were out there all morning mowing, weeding... we even had Cosmo working.

Tia: She is doing ok. She looks tiered. When we went up to visit her I could tell she was worn out. When she went to push the Chihuahua off her lap I noticed she had to muster up all her energy to move that little sausage. My Uncle and aunt from Maine flew in to visit and well as my moms younger brother ... he came in from Sacramento. Next week my Uncle from Washington will be in as well as my Tia from Idaho.
Husband: We are going to go and see RENT tonight at the Pantages. We have killer seats. I can't wait. It has not officially set in that we are finally going to see RENT.

Work: *fingers will not type* ... It's work.

Me: I am happy... I get sad... I'm motivated... then I just want sit and hold my cat. This morning we got up and went outside and were so productive. Sunshine, our home, my husband, the play tonight... a new start to a fresh week and month.