How did I get on the wrong side of the street?

Sometimes I don't think I'm taken seriously at work. I have the highest numbers in the company. I have the best client reviews per ca pita. My department actually gets along. Then what is it? My long hair... my boobs... my ever glisten smile? ARRGGG!!! Maybe if I had a baby and become more Family orientated. Sigh. I have not ranted about work in a while. Yesterday a pre existing client with the company came in and he had a preconception of my program and department, I greeted him with an open mind and he asked questions and for clarifications. By the end of the conversation he stated that he had the wrong idea about me and my staff. I felt good to present our platform, however how many more are out there? I asked, with out being direct, about who gave him such false information. Just as I thought... the same two.
So maybe it's not my hair, or my boobs... maybe it's not my ever glisten smile. Maybe it's two guys totally threatened or jealous of the competence and handwork of my staff and our department. ... ( I hope it's the latter).

From Saturday to Saturday

Today in our yard

Hollywood last Sunday
to see RENT.
I loved RENT!

Center House
Aisle C
Seats 101 and 102

Our Yard