In the summer of 1963, 17-year-old Californian Veronica Amada is vacationing with her affluent middle-class family at Kellerman's (La Quinta) a resort in the Catskill Mountains ( La Quinta California). Vero is planning to attend CAL or even UCLA to study economics ( or something else) and then plans to enter the Peace Corps (or a revolution of some type). This is the story that played out in my head over dinner last night. With the sun setting behind the Eisenhower Mountains I imagined taking off to the desert with my husband and soon to be family in tow. Our yearly spring getaway. This time the story will take us from 1963 to 2010 and beyond. This is it. The start of another family tradition. Our spring tradition. Dinner on site, swimming, small coffee and bagel breakfast, with lunch in the city. Wine tasting at "Tulip Hill Winery and Vineyards" and the clear blue sky and gentle breeze to remind us to slow down. Just before we took off on our trip, I watched "Sabrina". While we where at dinner we talked of going to Europe soon. Then as we walked the shops we picked up a CD with contemporary French musicians re-vamping old French classics... a sign? We decided for my 40th... off to Paris.