...and just like that, poof, they are gone. Our bee colony decided to conquer and out up it's little bee flag in our orange tree. The hive was coming from a preexisting hive that ( from what I read) got to big and therefor had to split. I did some more research and it stated that the hive would then wait a few days (up to four) until a better location was found. Well yesterday at 11:00 am they moved in and today by 6:30 pm that were gone. Could it have been the BBQ my husband placed up wind from them... hmmm to ponder.

The sound. My husband and I had just finished dinner and I went to bedroom to change my shoes (time to wash the car) and he followed me in when we both heard the "BUzzzzzzz". We ran to the kitchen, no site of them. We ran to the bedroom... nope not there. Then we heard them.... the buzzz was coming from the living room door. He saw then swarming out... and then silence. He lost visual. I hope they did not land in the neighbors yard. Maybe across the street in the fields?
smiling with his eyes