hello... down the hall and to your left.

How I decompress... flowers from our front yard.
I had to report to Headquarters the other day. They needed us to redo paperwork. With the economy the way it is, they are crossing all their "t"s and dotting all their "i"'s. At headquarters there are many levels. The paperwork had to go through the "lower level" ... the 1st floor. I walked in and let them know I was here for the "paper work". They greeted me and then proceeded to direct me to the HR department that has the paperwork for Administration assistants, the custodial staff and grounds crew. Every time I go to headquarters, this happens. I never get directed to the Management department.... the only time I do is if Sr. Management sees me and starts chit chatting with me. Then they realize where they need to direct me.

My parents worked hard to send my brothers and I off to college. My grandparents were farmers, fruit harvesters and my father works for the Railroad. They have worked hard to push the next generation to more. I have been in my position for over 7 years and yet the assumption is strong . I don't get upset over it anymore... it just saddens me sometimes. I work hard on my projects, in my area and for my site. Oh well... at this point, I politely ask if that department can help me even though I'm Management. They quickly say oh... um no... you need to go to....