A stroll in the yard

Many of these plants are gifts from my husband. I can not wait to get up in the moring and head outside and water, weed and prune. To me, that is grace.

Walking on a bridge, across a paved river. The sky is in the "blue" hour and yet there is an inkling of yellow sweeping past through the clouds. It's empty. There is no one around. The bridge goes North to South and as I cross it, with trees and grass on the other side, I look back. I look back only to see my self watching me. On the bridge, I turn around enough to still have my back to myself, my hair loose, wisping around in the wind. No smile... no expression. Just a sad eye contact. I turn around on the bridge and start walking away from myself.

This is the image that popped into my head when my mother told me that my tia is not eating anymore. She is home now from the hospital. She will not be going back. The family is down. We'll she them tomorrow.

Today we will celebrate my parent anniversary and my brothers birthday. I'm glad.