Time Lapse...

It was all a blur. My mom posted something similar. Time, what was it, what shaped it and did it even stay consistent?

In order to try to understand I actually had to take out a calendar for this post. I was so confused and turned around that I felt lost. I really needed to lay it out in order to not only find myself, but to get back on track. Even though I am back at work and making sure my husband has a good birthday weekend, I still feel a little disorientated.

May 24th - Went to visit my tia.

May 25th

May 26th
May 27th

May 28th - she "entered" hospice at home. I canceled an event for June 4th. I rescheduled it for June 9th. I took a little heat for it, but I just needed to cancel.

May 29th - I took the day off in order to see a doctor. I felt sick and wanted to get better or they would not let me see her. I never miss work. I have over 3 months in sick leave, but this was important.

May 30th - sick
May 31st - sick
June 1st - sick, went to work.

June 2nd - I scheduled a day off for Thursday the 4th while at work. Mother called at 10:30 pm...I took her up the mountain to my tia.

June 3rd- Came down the mountain at 3:00 am, went home took a power nap and went to work at 7:00 am. Was told my office may move, I may lose another co worker and conducted interviews. I went home early. Lightning and thunder. Wanted to go up the mountain. Little brother needed me. Stayed and my husband and I went over. She passed at 4:45 pm.

June 4th - took day off. Slept. I was running on 3 hours of sleep. I have no idea how my mother did it. I woke up. My husband had gone to work. I was in the house. What had happened? I got to work on my computer. Scanning photographs, looking through old albums and getting my event squared away for the 9th.

June 5- a day, went to work.

June 6 - yesterday
June 7 - today

Tomorrow is another day...
Tomorrow is a birthday.