Herb Alpert and the Swap Meet

We have not been to the swap meet in years... this one is located in San Bernardino at the NOS Fair Grounds. Every month or so, I tell my husband... we should go... but by the time I remember to make that statement it's way after noon and the good stuff is gone, they are packing up and it's a wash. However, last night I planned it. Down to the water bottle and bag (thanks mom for the bag). The bag is small enough to fit into a purse, undo one button and wa-la... a shopping bag perfect enough in size to fit 5 Records, three comic books and a book.

The mission was to find something to hold all my magazines next to our bed. I have Time, RS and Popular Photography subscriptions that I love to read in bed. Right now they are in three piles on the floor next to the bed. It started to heat up and the I was "glowing" like crazy. What aisle to start at? So there we went... on our mission.

and the journey begins...

Down a side aisle, we were walking and talking and I found the greatest little pin. It had two owls... I saw it in the midst of other little pins and costume jewelry. I think I'll make a charm out of it and use it in a necklace project.

So in the end and $15.00's later this was our bounty;

  • 5 records including Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass - Whipped Cream and other Delights - A taste of Honey, Tangerine, Love Potion #9, Lemon Tree, Lollipops and Roses, and Peanuts.

  • My magazine rack - three separate slots, wrought iron... ready for a fresh coat of paint

  • The owl pin

  • Three comic books (yes I love comics)

  • A great summer book, The hot house: life inside Leavenworth Prison by Pete Earley

  • A giant blow up Negra Modelo Beer bottle, for my husbands Man Room

  • and a Sierra Mist (the most expensive over priced item of the bunch)