Too Fast

Where have I been? Good question. After I finally got a hold of time and realized life must continue. Staying in contact with my mom and her journey to find my grandmother a new house, our house was robbed and my laptop was stolen, then when I feel that it's going to be ok, with every nook and cranny magnetized and ready to go, my grandmother calls. My other grandmother. She feels sick. She has two daughters, my parents and numerous cousins. She called me. sigh. It's scary to get that call. She is the elder of the family and I have no idea about elder care. How much to push, how much is normal. I drove over as fast as I could. Ran out of the car and up the steps of her early 1900's home. She looked ill. As I was driving I called my aunt and told her she had called. she said she would meet me. I took grandma and my tia followed. What a rush. In the end, grandma had low potassium and she suffers from GERD. So some pills, bananas and OJ. The GERD was cause her to dry heave, which was causing her body to become weak, head ache and sleepy. I was more than happy to purchase her pills and take her home. Scary.

Rambling post, I know.

Since the loss of my computer, I have no pictures to post. SO some of my creative juices have become dry and stale. I hope to get back on the ball soon. I miss posting pictures.